Last Graduation Day

Show her you love her!

In a few days, my dear sweet friend is going to be having the best/worst day of her of her parental life. Her youngest son is graduating high school. Now, I don’t know what his plans are for the immediate future, but as a mom, I know that doesn’t matter. What matters is that an end of a chapter is drawing close for her. This next year will be a huge year of firsts. First fall without a “First Day of School”, first year without having to plan your life around school events, first year without that dread of report cards and parent/teacher conferences, first year of no school pictures and lunch accounts. First year without a student in her home.

For most of us moms, that sounds great, until it’s our turn. Then, its our biggest nightmare. We parent for so long that when they are all grown up, we don’t know how to do anything else. We struggle to find our identity. It can be depressing, scary, exciting, nerve wracking, or all of the above. Most of all, it can be lonely.

As you’re prepping your cards for graduation day, please remember the Moms who are incredibly proud of their children so they are suffering silently as they face an unknown future. Make them a card and send it before graduation. Make plans to check up on them. Let them know they are NOT alone and that we all go through this eventually. It’s never easy, but with the support of your girlfriends, it can be faced with strength and it doesn’t have to be something to dread.


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